Time-shifted, asynchronous and recorded online video interviewing

All the time-shifted, asynchronous and recorded virtual online video interviewing applications in one place. Video interviewing has become a popular choice for companies looking to save time and money during their recruiting cycle, and there are many options available. When evaluating video interviewing solutions, the first choice that you will need to make is whether you would like to do live video interviewing (like skype) or asynchronous online video interviewing (not-live).

When deciding which type of video interviewing is best for your company, consider these benefits of asynchronous video interviewing:

Convienience - Asynchronous video interviewing is convienient for both the hiring orgnaization and the candidate. Simply set up an interview with your most important questions and send out invitations to candidates, they can respond on their own time. This is beneficial for recruiting passive canddiates and candidates who are currently employed.

Collaboration - Asynchronous video interviewing allows you to make the hiring process more collaborative. Instead of having one hiring manager in charge of phone screening all of the candidates, you can instead have your more members of your team to review the candidates, provide comments and assessments. After reviewing the candidates, your team can decide the top candidates to move to the next round.

Cost & Time Savings – Asynchronous video interviewing will cut down on the amount of time screening candidates. In the time that it would take to screen one candidate during a 30 minute telephone screen, you could review 6-10 recorded video responses and reduce your screening time up to 90%!

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A cloud-based platform, TalentCircles allows you to build, brand, own and manage your live talent network, drastically reduce your talent acquisition costs, interact with candidates via video as...
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Video technology is powerful and will save both time and money. Viewing a profile will provide you 80% of the information you need, before ever meeting the candidate! Candidates are more savvy than...
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TalentVX has developed an innovative interview technology solution for recruiters worldwide. The technology enables recruiters and their candidates to record video introduction interviews via...
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TalkingCV is a video interview process that allows Candidates to record their video CV/video resume from any web enabled PC. The recorded video CV can then be viewed via a unique URL link. The...
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Tazio is the exciting new online service which makes video interviewing simple for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. Automated video interviews enable recruiters to see and hear...
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The Needle Online is a career management company with a global view. We are a UK based company but welcome enquiries from around the globe. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss...
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A resume provides important information about a candidate, but a video interview and allows to know more details to the candidate. With Ventrevista you can evaluate the way the candidate unfolds...
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The interview suite is a web-based software program developed by viasto for asynchronous video interviewing. The recording of the interview by the applicant and its assessment by the recruiter are...
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«  Excited and satisfied! Took 5 minutes to set up for the questions and in half an hour I had sent invitations to applicants. Highly recommend this tool.  »


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«  Fantastic! Provides a unique advantage for a job interview and is very easy to use.  »


«  Launchpad is easy to use and you can be up and running in about 30 minutes. The team are very proactive and aim to keep ahead of the competition and listen to clients. The new 'live' product is awesome, taking care of scheduling headaches. Sending texts to candidates really boosts completion rates.   »


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